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Panasonic GH2 Overhaul Part 2

Recently I spent the weekend with my family in Grand Forks, ND. I (intentionally) didn't bring much gear with me, but I did have my trusty GH2 + stock 14-40mm lens and my Steadicam Merlin. One afternoon while on a walk I did some shooting, and I wanted to see what kind of video I could put together while maintaining a 180° shutter angle.


Panasonic GH2 Overhaul Part 1

Ever since our first video capable DSLR (the Nikon D90), we've found ourselves using them more and more for our projects. The large sensor combined with the extremely affordable prices, hath proved delicious. Since 2008, we've owned and shot video with the aforementioned Nikon D90, Canon 7D, Canon T2i, Panasonic GH1(3), Canon 60D, and now the Pansonic GH2.


A Lesson in Rigging

Back when the weather was warmer, I had the chance to use some of our more advanced rigging gear while working as the director of photography on a short film.  It was a run-and-gun, no-time-for-second-takes kind of shoot, but a lot of fun and a great chance to really put our gear to the test.