One Swell Taffy-Pulling Party!

Author // Kylee Marie

In 2011 we began a partnership with the Science Museum of MN to create a series of educational short films on the topic of nanotechnology (watch the first Nano film here!!).  This spring, we completed the second and third shorts of the 4-film series, and I am SO happy with them!

When we started working with the museum, we were really excited - but we had no idea what to expect.  Ryan's pretty geeky, and I'm a huge science nerd, so we thought this would be the perfect coalition between our individual interests and our first love, filmmaking.  It turns out, we were right!  This is the most fun we've had on a film set - and we love that we get to present Science to the world in such an entertaining way.

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The people we work with on these projects are so wonderful.  Our producer, Stephanie, is one of the coolest people I've ever met - and she brings with her a slew of Science Museum talent, including actors (real pirates, anyone?!), voiceover professionals, writers, and a whole board of white coat science experts making sure every detail is factual, actual, and making sense along the way.  We would be nothing without this team!

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We feel blessed to be a part of this.  The first film was added to the NISE catalog and has spread all over the country amongst educators, science lovers, and filmmakers alike.  I'm happy to present the second and third films, titled Ask and Research, and Regulation.

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