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What a BUSY spring we've had!  Back in mid-April we were contacted by Simonson's Salon to create two commercial videos that would air for the first time at KDWB's Star Party - and of course we jumped at the chance!  The videos spotlight specific services Simonson's offers, including a red carpet blow-out treatment, hair extensions, and color bug - but we'll get to that later!

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Whenever Ryan and I consider accepting a project, we take a lot of things into consideration, including time it will take, resources needed, and (being honest!) how much fun we think it will be.  That said - we had SO MUCH FUN on this shoot!  The staff at Simonson's was so great to us during the shoot from start to finish - even going so far as giving Christian a total makeover...

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All playing aside, it's always great to work with a client with such a specific vision for their videos.  It makes our job easier knowing that with every cut, sound effect and color, we're fulfilling the exact image Simonson's wants to portray - and that makes us very happy with our work :)
Watch the videos below!

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