Good Boy

Author // Kylee Marie

This June we participated in the Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project for our 5th year in a row! This is one of our favorite local competition film fests, mainly because from the time we turn in our film, it's only a matter of days before we get to see it on the big screen in a packed theater at the Riverview! There's nothing better than seeing your film like that...it's such a rush.

We were assigned Sci-Fi as our genre this year, rounding out the palindrome* of genres we've been assigned over the years:
Sci-Fi (2008)
Comedy (2009)
Dark Comedy (2010)
Comedy (2011)
Sci-Fi (2012)
*this nerdy bit of information, brought to you by Ryan!

Our assigned elements:

Character name: R. Thomas
Prop item: A ring
Line of dialogue: "Have you been here before?"

Click photos to enlarge.

From the kickoff at 7pm on Friday night, we had 48 hours to write, direct, shoot, edit, and turn in a 7 minute short film, including each element assigned. We love the challenge. We wrote our script in about an hour after kickoff.

We always try to incorporate an element of comedy in our films, no matter what the genre, and this year was no exception. We asked local comedy big shot Trevor Anderson (catch him at any of his performances at Acme Comedy Club!), and he definitely brought the funny! I play Trevor's girlfriend in the film, and our favorite sinister muscleman Nick Barrett plays our shady would-be landlord. Check it out below!

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