Good Boy

Author // Ryan Grams

My fifth Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project in a row! What a freaking blast! I served as the director of photography on this sci-fi piece with a twist. ;)

I was assigned Sci-Fi this year, rounding out the palindrome* of genres I've been assigned over the years:
Sci-Fi (2008)
Comedy (2009)
Dark Comedy (2010)
Comedy (2011)
Sci-Fi (2012)

Assigned elements:

Character name: R. Thomas
Prop item: A ring
Line of dialogue: "Have you been here before?"

Click photos to enlarge.

From the kickoff at 7pm on Friday night, there was 48 hours to write, direct, shoot, edit, and turn in a 7 minute short film, including each element assigned.
Check out the film "Good Boy" below!

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