Photography FAQ | Teddy Media

Author // Ryan Grams


Q. Where did you come up with the name "Teddy Media"?
A. Ryan's nickname growing up was Ryan "Teddy" Grams. We (Ryan and Kylee) have been friends for life, so when we were choosing a name for our full service production company, we thought it fit!

Q. How do I book an appointment?
A. Feel free to call or email us to reserve a spot!  We recommend calling within 2-3 weeks of when you want to get in for a session.  You reserve the time slot by securing the session fee. See our Investment Page.

Q. What about newborns?
A. Book your newborn session before your baby is born!  It's hard to squeeze in a newborn session last minute as they take longer than traditional portrait sessions.  Babies photograph the best within their first 7 days of life - booking within 4 days of your due date is usually best.  We do reserve a few spots for last minute babies or early arrivals.

Q. What do I need to bring to my photo session?
A. Your beautiful smiling faces!  You are most welcome to bring any props or items that you feel represent your personality and style that you would like to be photographed with.  For children under 5, it's a good idea to bring a favorite toy or comfort item to entertain them in a pinch.  We don't recommend using candy as an incentive for children to smile for photographs.

Q. What should I wear?
A. Wear clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in.  Don't worry about everyone matching in the photos.  We love bright colors, interesting pieces, and layers, layers, layers.  We suggest selecting one color as the "accent" color, and incorporating that color in everyone's outfit in some way - for example, if your accent color is yellow, everyone could accessorize with yellow (neckties, tops, layering t's, shoes, headbands, bracelets, etc) and wear a neutral "base" color like grey or navy for the other pieces of clothing.  We do have style sheets with ideas for what to wear - contact us and we'll help you out!

Q. How quickly will I see my photos?
A. After your session, your photos will be ready within 2-3 weeks.

Q. Do you offer prints?
A. We do, and we'd love to recommend our lab! Contact us for more information.

Q. What should I know for my newborn session?
A. Newborns should be kept awake for 1-2 hours before their session.  Babies should be fed right before and kept in a diaper and blanket, so they're tired and full and happily sleeping for their photos!  If the session is in your home, please keep the temperature above 80 degrees to warm the house before my arrival to ensure your baby isn't cold when naked.

Q. What if I need to reschedule or cancel?
A. You may reschedule your session any time with 24 hours notice.  The amount paid to secure the session will be applied to the new session date.  Rescheduling within 24 hours of your shoot date may result in additional fees (rarely).  Cancellations prior to 24 hours from the session date will be refunded 50% of the amount paid to secure the session.  Cancellations within 24 hours of the session will result in forfeiture of the amount paid to secure the session.

Q. Do you travel beyond 30 miles?
A. Yes!  We travel beyond 30 miles at a rate of 50 cents per mile.

Q. Do you photograph products, architecture or inanimate objects?
A. YES.  Contact us with more details about your project!